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Article: TSA Approved Beauty Products

TSA Approved Beauty Products

TSA Approved Beauty Products

TSA Approved Beauty

Simple Packable Skincare Solution for your Carry on Bag

Ok, so to get everything you need in your carry on for a week is tricky. After all, if you look at all those ”two weeks in a carry on” Pinterest posts, those girls have zero regards for TSA rules (full-size spray mists? That would be lovely, but, I'm not spending $300 at the duty-free shop on stuff from the mall.) 

Here the rules: 

International flights you get 26 lbs in the overhead and 8lbs in your carry on, and whatever you can cram under 3.4oz into one quart-sized ziplock bag.

That's IT! I REFUSE to pay extra for a bag. 

What you have to have 
Anti-dehydrating product
Lip conditioner
Tricks to make sure everything gets in a carry on bag
  • Buy the Ziplock bags with the pleated stand-up bottom. You will be shocked at how much more packing power you get from this little pleat. These are the ones.
  • When traveling with screw caps, use a bit of cellophane to avoid leaks. Just unscrew the top and place a square of plastic wrap over the opening and screw the lid back on. Viola! Pressure changes thwarted!
  • Cleansers and Toners get pre-dosed on gauze squares. In a snack-sized ziplock bag, take one gauze square per wash and squirt your favorite cleanser on it (gels work best). When you are ready to wash up, dampen the cloth, and you have a preloaded washcloth. You can get my favorite pads here.
Here is where I cheat
  • I don't take an eye cream. I purposefully pack a sensitive moisturizer tested for use around the eyes (don't think this is a long term life hack, it doesn't have all the goodies to support your eyes from things like dark circles and puffiness.) Hypoallergen 24 hour care from BiodrogaMD is my favorite because it comes in the perfect travel size of 1.7oz, and it saves me from packing other 911 products (travel for me tends to bring on things like sudden rashes or an eyelid eczema patch.) 
  • My SPF doubles as my makeup. I am traveling with the new ISDIN Eryfotona Ageless Tinted SPF 50
  • I pack things that come in single-use capsule form. I live and breathe by my Daily Ceramide Comfort capsules from G.M. Collin. They are single-dose, anti-dehydrating, dry oil, anti-oxidant powerhouses that leave my skin silky smooth and radiant. When traveling, I use them daily, but in the winter months, I tend to use them morning and night to help combat the effects of jet lag and new environment on my skin.
Do you have any tricks for traveling light? I would love to hear from you.

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