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Article: Applying your skincare in the correct order

Applying your skincare in the correct order

Applying your skincare in the correct order

I wish it were that easy! Unfortunately, when you mix your serums into your creams, the emollients from your moisturizer block the power ingredients serums from getting into your skin.

The most effective way to apply your products is to start thinnest to thickest.

Here is my little cheat sheet:

  1. Treating mist or essence
  2. The serum you want the strongest action from (calming serum if you are prone to reactions, exfoliating serum if you are prone to breakouts)
  3. Antioxidant serum
  4. Take a minute or two to sip your coffee, let those layers marinate and sink in.
  5. Eye cream goes next because it's typically lighter than your moisturizer
  6. Now your Moisturizer to lock in your serums (think of your skin like a boiling pot of water, the moisturizer is like the lid that doesn't allow all the moisture to boil away)
  7. The oil layer if you need a bit more oomph
  8. Sunscreen during the day, a retinol or sleeping cream at night

Not everyone needs all of these steps, but 1,5,6, and 8 are essentials to maintain healthy skin. If you want to change your skin situation for the better it's 2,3, and 7 that is going to make that happen. 

Need help sorting out your routine? Sunny and I love helping with just that kind of thing! Just drop us a note and we would love to help you out.

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