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Uradin Podos Hydrating Gel Oil

Non-greasy foot cream to quickly eliminate rough, thickened and cracked skin

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Softer feet in just 3 days. Non-greasy foot cream that quickly eliminates rough, thickened skin on the bottom and heel of the foot.

Who is this perfect for?

This foot cream is perfect for individuals with dry, cracked feet or those seeking maintenance between pedicures.

How does it work?

Originally formulated for diabetic patients, this foot cream effectively moisturizes and exfoliates the skin. It contains key ingredients that restore hydration, soothe and soften the skin, and promote exfoliation. The cream dries matte, weightless, and nonslip, ensuring comfort and convenience.

Key Benefits:

  • Heals dry, cracked skin: The foot cream provides intensive moisture to dry and cracked feet, promoting healing and restoring the skin's health.
  • Intensely moisturizing: With 10% ISDIN Urea, the cream restores the optimum level of hydration in the skin, replenishing moisture and preventing further dryness.
  • Exfoliates to soften hardened skin: The combination of lactic acid and bacillus ferment acts as exfoliants, gently removing dead skin cells and softening hardened areas.
  • Soothing, softening, and moisturizing: Allantoin, panthenol, and shea butter work together to soothe and soften the skin, providing long-lasting moisture and promoting overall foot comfort.


Uradin Podos Hydrating Gel Oil
Uradin Podos Hydrating Gel Oil Sale price$34.00 Regular price$39.00