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Uradin Lotion 10

Instant and long-lasting hydration body cream for crepey skin, and relief for dry skin.

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Body moisturizer designed to provide instant and long-lasting hydration to the entire body, specifically targeting crepey skin, resulting in improved skin texture and relief for dry skin.

Who is this perfect for?

This product is ideal for individuals with dry to very dry skin, especially those experiencing crepey skin.

How does it work?

The product works by reinforcing the skin's barrier function, which helps the skin re-establish normal hydration levels. This helps to heal dry and crepey skin, providing intense moisturization and relief.

Key Benefits:

  • Heals dry, crepey skin: The product is formulated to specifically target dry and crepey skin, helping to restore its health and improve its appearance.
  • Intensely moisturizing: With 10% ISDIN Urea, the product restores the optimum level of hydration in the skin, providing intense and long-lasting moisturization.
  • Strengthens skin's immune function: By reinforcing the skin's barrier function, the product helps strengthen the skin's immune function, supporting its overall health and resilience.

    400 ml

    Uradin Lotion 10
    Uradin Lotion 10 Sale price$36.00 Regular price$42.00