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SPF Favorites Duo

Mineral Sunscreen and Tinted SPF for Broad Spectrum Protection (100mL each)

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This sun-safe duo combines ISDIN Eryfotona Actinia SPF 50, a powerful mineral sunscreen, with ISDIN Eryfotona Ageless Ultralight SPF 50, a tinted mineral SPF. Both offer broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and help prevent signs of aging, making it perfect for those seeking daily sun protection with a touch of radiance.

Who is this perfect for?

All skin types, including those who dislike the heavy feel of traditional sunscreens.

For those with lighter skin tones, Eryfotona Ageless can be mixed with a few drops of Eryfotona Actinica to create a lighter shade.

How does it work?

Eryfotona Actinia SPF 50: The mineral SPF and antioxidants shield skin from UV rays and pollution. DNA Repairsomes help repair past sun damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Eryfotona Ageless Ultralight SPF 50: This tinted formula offers the same UV protection and DNA repair benefits as Eryfotona Actinia SPF 50, while the self-adjusting tint evens skin tone and provides a radiant glow.

Key Benefits:

  • Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50 protection for all skin types
  • Mineral SPF helps prevent sunburn and premature aging
  • DNA Repairsomes help repair past sun damage
  • Eryfotona Ageless provides a natural-looking tint (can be lightened for fair skin)
  • Ultra-lightweight, comfortable wear
  • Reef-Safe Formula won't harm the environment

Eryfotona Actinia SPF 50: 3.4 fl oz / 100mL Eryfotona Ageless Ultralight SPF 50: 3.4 fl oz / 100mL

For More Information, please see individual product descriptions:

Eryfotona Actinia SPF 50

Eryfotona Ageless Ultralight SPF 50

SPF Favorites Duo
SPF Favorites Duo Sale price$131.00 Regular price$145.00