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Sensiderm Soothing Mist

Modern toner replacement to prep skin for better product absorption, increased hydration, and decreased sensitivity

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The first step in the treatment of the skin. This ultra-calming and soothing spray harnesses the nurturing capabilities of botanical extracts to soothe the skin and prepare it to receive other treatment products.

Who is this perfect for?

For all skin, especially those prone to sensitivity and redness.

How does it work?

GM Collin’s Sensiderm Treating Mist is a modern replacement for outdated toners which were meant to correct the pH of the skin after harsh cleansers. This gentle mist prepares the skin to accept targeted treatments (serums and creams) by increasing the effectiveness of your serums and creams. Sensiderm mist instantly calms and soothes the skin and brings down redness. The mist also offers extra slip, so you use less product and increase performance.

Key Benefits:

  • A refreshing Mist evenly dispersed is product across the skin
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Immediately soothes, refreshes, and relieves redness

Key Ingredients:

  • Sodium PCA - maximizes the skin's natural moisture-retaining capability, revitalizing.
  • Honey extract - moisturizes, prevents dehydration
  • Allantoin - suits, heals, restores

6.8 fl oz