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Rosa Sea Gel-Cream

Gel-Cream Moisturizer for sensitive rosacea-prone skin, to soothe and calm reactive skin.

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Special care for sensitive rosacea-prone skin, this cream immediately soothes and calms reactive skin. Helps the skin protect itself by increasing hydration and reducing inflammation and reactivity. The results are smooth plump skin that is calm and comfortable.

Who is this perfect for?

For Normal to oily skin, rosacea, sensitivity, redness.

How does it work?

GM Collin’s Rosa Sea Gel-Cream helps to control multiple factors that cause inflammation in Rosacea-prone skin to help reduce the frequency of flares.

Key Benefits:

  • Increases skin hydration and restores the skin’s barrier capabilities
  • Immediately soothes, refreshes, and relieves redness
  • Helps calm multiple triggers associated with Rosacea-type skin

Key Ingredients:

  • Anti-redness Peptide Matrix- Reduces redness, prevents inflammation, soothes and provides an antioxidant effect to help with environmental aggressors
  • Aldavine- Neutralizes inflammation

1.7 fl oz

Pro Tip:

A great alternative acne treatment for those intolerant of traditional acne treatments because of the Honey, Magnolia Bark and Birch Bark extracts soothe, reduce redness and stop breakouts