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3-in-1 night serum repairs skin damage while you sleep, with retinol-like results without the annoying side effects of retinol.

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Melatonik is a 3-in-1 night serum clinically proven to repair the skin while you sleep, offering noticeable anti-aging results without the side effects of retinol.

Who is this perfect for?

This product is perfect for individuals seeking visible anti-aging benefits, particularly those who are sensitive to retinol and desire a gentle yet effective solution.

How does it work?

Melatonik utilizes a synergistic combination of Bakuchiol, Melatonin, and Vitamin C to work with the body's chemistry and stimulate the skin's immune system. This process supports the repair of environmental stress and damage from the previous day while promoting healthier, more youthful-looking skin

Key Benefits:

  • Retinol-like results without the nasty side effects: Melatonik provides the benefits of retinol, such as reduced wrinkles and improved skin firmness, but without the common side effects like redness, peeling, or irritation.
  • Deep and superficial wrinkle reduction with 12 weeks of use: The serum's formulation helps diminish the appearance of both deep and superficial wrinkles over time, promoting smoother and more youthful-looking skin.
  • Increased skin firmness and a smoother complexion: By supporting the skin's repair process and stimulating the immune system, Melatonik aids in improving skin firmness and texture, resulting in a smoother and more refined complexion.