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Article: What's in my travel bag: Part 2, Makeup

What's in my travel bag: Part 2, Makeup

What's in my travel bag: Part 2, Makeup

Ok, so now for the fun stuff!  I'm going to let you peer into my makeup bag which so many of you have asked about over the years.  This kit is ever evolving, but I really like to try to keep it small and manageable for my everyday life as well as for travel.

Concealer- right now I’m obsessed with YSL's All Hours Concealer, it's super creamy and once it self sets it doesn’t budge OR sit in my lines.  I'm all about no touchups and this one stays 12 hours+ under a steamer I <3 it!  Matter of fact, I may even try to find one in my foundation tone for travel as my foundation, you would just have to thin it out a but with moisturizer to get the right consistency.

Foundation- I finally found my holy grail foundation!!! The Anti Age Soft Focus Foundation from Biodroga is AMAZING! Its creamy, buildable medium coverage, that doesn't crease and lasts all day. Oh, and let's not forget its an SPF 15.

The additional (color and fun stuff)

Mascara- My Ride or die mascara is GrandeMascara from GrandeLash because its conditioning and won't budge. But If I have a black tie or a cocktail afair I will also take They’re Real from Benefit because it really pumps up my lashes but tends to migrate if I wear it all day.  I buy the trial one as it's a bit smaller and it forces me to replace my mascara every 3 months like I’m supposed to (the big ones make it too easy for me to cheat the system).

Brow Pencil- BDB Universal pencil in Nordic.  I love this one, normally it is the one for blondes but I don’t like my brows darker than they already are, just more defined.  Oh and I cheat and use it for my eyeliner (and at times eyeshadow) as well.

Blusher- I just can’t get away from Sandalwood from Vincent Longo.  I've bought this blusher repeatedly for the past 12 years after an actress brought it to a shoot. I'm also known to just pop the Nars Multiple in Maui in my bag and be done with it.  Such a handy thing, it's a blush, lip color and eye shadow in one stick.  It's gained cult status for a reason.

Red Lipstick- Last fall I fell back in love with red lipstick, it just makes you feel like a total bombshell, not to mention no one notices a little imperfection if their eyes are drawn to a bold lip.  Hourglass Cosmetics has an amazing no smudge lippie that I can no longer live without called Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon.  Its total drama! (In getting that hyperlink for you I also discovered it comes in more shades... I will HAVE to investigate).

Pink Lipstick- This is my day face so it's gotta stay put because I drink way too much coffee and run my mouth nonstop.  I recently discovered YSL's Glossy Lip Stain which is creamy, not too dry, and lasts all day. My Favorite is number 7, Corail Aquatique.

Eye Shadow-  I have to admit, I don't wear much of these when I travel.  I am a huge fan of packing a black and a brown eyeliner and smudging them on my lids as though they were a shadow.  However, back when I did travel with them I loved the little pans from Coastal Scents and would toss a few in with my blusher in my zPalette.  Bermuda Sand and Burnished Wine were always my go tos.

Well, that's my lot.  Hope you enjoyed, as it will probably change for my next flight too!

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