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Article: What can I do about these fine lines?

What can I do about these fine lines?

What can I do about these fine lines?

Those little lines beside your eyes when you smile start sticking around even after the laughter is gone starting around age 30 for most of us, and I’ve yet to meet anyone that that likes them.

Fine lines are the precursor to wrinkles and the first sign of aging.  Once you’ve got them its a bit too late to talk prevention (sunscreen) but we can talk about ways to soften your lines and avoid rapidly getting more of them.

The Cause

Each time you make a facial expression, tiny grooves are created under the skin that leads to the appearance of fine lines. Repetitive movements and dehydration, coupled with the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin, continue to deepen these microscopic folds until they become visible on the surface of the skin. Add environmental agitators like sun, pollution, diet, lifestyle, and genetics onto the pile eventually even the best cared for skin will start to show more and more fine lines.

The Fix

While some of us are all about getting injections, there are others that want to do things in a more natural way. The natural fix means daily use of products that combine peptides, growth factors and ingredients that increase hydration can help support the skin’s structure and help reduce the appearance of fine lines (and keep the formation of new lines at bay).

Our Favorite Fine Line Fighters

  • GF Cream - Hit the reset button on your skin - A daily moisturizer that helps your skin get back into shape by resetting its circadian rhythm. After just a few weeks you will notice your skin glowing because the unique synergy of EGF and plant stem cells teach your skin to act ‘young’ again
  • Bota-peptide 5 Serum and Bota Peptide Eye - No needles needed! These two powerhouse products help calm those overactive muscles that lead to premature wrinkling
  • HA Filler Serum- Pop those lines right back out with a special blend of watermelon and lentils that hydrate the skin and target right in the depth of the wrinkle making your skin appear instantly smoother and more youthful

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