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Article: Quick Winter Skin Fixes

Quick Winter Skin Fixes

Quick Winter Skin Fixes

Winter skin needs extra care. Our diets change from fresh salads and green drinks to warm pasta dishes and high carb foods, cutting many of your key vitamins and mineral consumption down drastically. We sweat less causing our urge to drink water wains, dehydrating yourself internally.  Externally, every day more and more water gets evaporated off the surface of our skin leaving it dry, cracked, red, uncomfortable, and more congested.

Why not try these easy tricks to help protect your skin and make it feel better in the process.

Hydrate, topically and internally.
  • Use moisturizers and serums that contain humectants (glycerine, urea, collagen)
  • Be careful of hyaluronic acid as it can wick moisture out of your skin as easily as it can bind it to you
  • Increase your intake of raw or lightly cooked vegetables
  • And of course, drink water, herbal teas, and broths
Add a little extra before a sudden temperature drop
  • Use ceramides or a nourishing oil over your moisturizer at night
  • Swap to a balm moisturizer for a dog walk or if your train commute has you outside
  • Don't skip your SPF, it will help protect you from the elements
  • Got nothing? Grab grapeseed or olive oil from your kitchen
Don't forget your body
  • Lower your shower temp by just a few degrees
  • Avoid fragranced soaps and lotions
  • Swap to body wash oils
  • Moisturize within 5 minutes of  getting out of the bath (don't forget your feet)
Treat your environment
  • Increase the humidity where you sleep with a humidifier
  • Try a bottle top humidifier by your desk
  • Keep a hydrating mist with you at all times

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