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Article: Summer Skin Dehydration

Summer Skin Dehydration

Summer Skin Dehydration

I know it sounds crazy, dehydrated skin in summer, but it's a reality for so many of us.  Summer time in the Midwest is all about getting as much sun as you can as fast as you can before it goes away again.

This means biking, hiking, pools, splash pads, cocktails on the back porch, and lots and lots of AC when you get into the house again.  Too much sun, chlorine, sweat, and the summertime skin care slacking, can really make your skin lose water in its upper layers making it dull, dry, tight, and flaky, these are all signs of dehydration.

Dehydration can happen to anyone, even oily skin (although it is less prone), it's all about a lack of water.  Hydrated skin has a subtle glow to it, it has a bounce, it naturally reflects light the way you wish that highlighter in your makeup bag would, but it's also less prone to sensitivities, redness, and clogging.

I hear it all the time, "but I drink tons of water," and that's great for your body. Unfortunately, that isn't enough to combat dehydration in the skin.  What I'm talking about is Transepidermal Water Loss or TWEL, that's the amount of water we loose from the surface of our skin, and that amount can be different for everyone.  We exacerbate this issue with all of those exposures I talked about earlier, medications, stress, flights, and so many other factors, but rarely we think to protect against it.



Here are a few ways to keep skin hydrated:
  1. Don't over cleanse.  Summer makes us feel we need to feel squeaky clean, and that's NEVER good.  Try using a mild cleanser like G.M. Collin Mild Cleansing Gel, or my new Favorite Hexam from Vivier.  Back off from your electronic facial brush and try using a soft Bamboo Microfiber Mitt to wash your skin just like I do in the spa.
  2. Exfoliate more often to remove dull-looking dead skin cells and make it easier for your skincare products to penetrate and protect you.
  3. Try adding in a toner or treating mist.  A proper toner like the Refreshing Toner from Vivier helps bring you skin's PH back to normal and balances the skin.
  4. Add a hydrating serum or use a light-weight hydrating moisturizer. Hydrating ingredients can be super light weight and work by binding water to your skin, a favorite for me is a hyaluronic acid like in the HydraGel Advanced B5+ complex. Or, if summer has you prone to breakouts try the Allantoin Sedating and Hydrating Lotion that uses Aloe to soothe and hydrate skin without heavy emollients to clog skin.  Just make sure to remember to Moisturize Every Morning and Night!
  5.  Wear Sunscreen Daily.  I recommend a minimum of SPF 15 every day, even when you don't think you will be outside.  So many of us forget about the little bits of sun exposure add up leaving so many complaining about darkened jaw lines due to "driver's side sun exposure."
  6. Get a hydrating facial. Take a bit of time out for yourself and get a professional's help.  See you in the Spa! ~Katt

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