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Article: Spring Clean Skin

Spring Clean Skin

Spring Clean Skin

I have Spring Fever bad this year and so does my skin.  I have been really bad this winter. It's been so mild that I skipped on all the things I plead with you to do to save your skin.

In order to avoid saying to you "don't look at me, I'm horrible" I have decided to do a 2 week skincare clean up to fix my face (and my life a bit too).  So now until April, IT'S ON!!! Who's with me?

All those pictures that won't have to go through 3-4 layers of Instagram filters, just think of the time we will save!

Here is how it will work:

D1: Clean start, clean out your makeup bag
BOYS: don't think you get off Scott free, I've seen your shave bags
D2: Drink 1 more glass of water than usual
For some of us this just means try water for the first time, that's OK no judgement
D3: Exfoliate
I opt for an enzyme, my favorite is Intensive Exfoliating Gel from GM Collin, just 10 minutes like a mask during my first coffee
D4: Wash your makeup brushes
Seriously, this takes 5 minutes.  Just use water and your favorite shampoo.  Just make sure you dry them bristles down to avoid mildew
D5: Mask
10-20 minutes with a nice mask to feed your skin. It's been winter, I drink too much coffee, I'm going to opt for the Hydramucine Cream Mask because I'm dehydrated
D6: Remove Makeup before Bed
Ok *gasp* sometimes I forget on Saturday, I mean I've taken probably removed over 60 people's makeup off this week and after all that and a glass of wine...
D7: Mask and Meditate
Just 15 minutes for you is all I ask, even if you have to hide from your dogs in the back of your closet (the struggle is real)
D8: Molar Monday
New toothbrush, because you know you should and your dentist gave you a free one! Heck get crazy... floss!
D9: Exfoliate and Water
I know you forgot the water, see I'm watching you
D10: Eye See You
Give your eyes extra attention today, maybe relax with a set of Eye Patches or a new mascara, or both :)
D11: Thank Yourself Thursday
Give yourself a nice facial massage when you're washing your face and putting on moisturizer today.  It will give you a glow.
D12: Kiss Off
Make an at home lip treatment with sugar and lip balm. Gently rub on your lips to remove the dead skin.  So easy and pretty tasty too.
D13: Gin and Juice
Saturday again, before you go out and get crazy, how about a juice? My favorite is Granny Smith Apples, Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon and a dash of Cayanne
D14: Relax and Celebrate
You are on a roll, don't stop keep it going!! Grab that new sheet mask from Nuveese!

Inquiring Minds want to Know!

Let me know how you do! If you need a set of the products that I used for this little experiment let me know. For a cream mask, exfoliator, a sheet mask and a set of eye patches is $100.  You will have leftovers to keep your challenge going too.

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