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Article: Skin Wreckers: Sugar

Skin Wreckers: Sugar

Skin Wreckers: Sugar

It's known that excess sugar can lead to a verity of health concerns, but how does it affect the skin? Glycation.

Too much sugar affects all types of skin, not just problem skin. This sugar effect is called glycation.

When we consume high-glycemic foods (foods that the body easily converts into sugars)- Glycation happens. Sugars attach to our proteins and fats abnormally creating harmful molecules called "advanced glycation end products (we call them A.G.E.'s for short).

Glycation speeds up the aging process by attacking our collagen and destroying the elasticity of our skin. It also increases free radical formation, inflammation, and oxidation. A.G.E.'s cause our collagen and elastin become grey, weak, and stiff; visually, you can see this on the skin's surface as dullness, sagginess, and wrinkles. 

How to fight glycation?

  1. Cut back on sugary foods, drinks, and watch your carbs.
  2. Beware of snacking, regular insulin spikes throughout the day increase glycation
  3. Sleep more. Sleep deprivation increases the risk of insulin sensitivity
  4. Boost your antioxidant intake
  5. Increase your topical use of antioxidants; try A.G.E. protective skin creams. Our Favorites are the A.G.E. Total defense from G.M. Collin and A.G.E. Eye Repair Cream from GMC Medical.
  6. Always protect your skin from the sun and pollution with a minimal SPF of 15 or more.

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