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Article: Show up like a pro to your next waxing appointment

Show up like a pro to your next waxing appointment

Show up like a pro to your next waxing appointment

First and foremost, your hair should be at least 1/4-1/2 inch in length.  This should take about a week from your last shave.

If you use Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Accutane it is advisable not to have waxing performed in the areas in which this medication is used. These medications tend to weaken the skin and tearing may occur when the wax is removed.

It is best to avoid waxing during your period.  Not only are you more tender during this time but hormones can make hair more coarse increasing the likelihood that the hair will break rather than pull out. Waxing is better if not within two days before or after your period.

If possible, do not apply any products to the skin for several hours prior to waxing.

A hot shower before your appointment is ideal as it will open the pores allowing hair to come out easily and making waxing less painful.

Avoid working out or swimming immediately after waxing to avoid irritation. It is also important to wear loose-fitting clothing to minimize the chance of ingrown hairs.If you tend to bleed or bruise easily or are prone to skin tears waxing may not be the ideal form of hair removal for you.

Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons who suffer from diabetes, varicose veins, poor circulation or those who take medication to minimize blood clotting as these factors may make them more susceptible to infections and injury. Check with your Doctor.

Some clients may experience a slight irritation after waxing lasting a few minutes to a day, depending on skin sensitivity. If irritation occurs we recommend the use of a 1% Hydrocortisone cream. We also recommend this for the treatment of any post-waxing bumps or hives.

Please refrain from consuming any alcohol or caffeine at least 4 hours before your waxing service.

You may choose to take aspirin or Tylenol 30- 45 minutes before your appointment to minimize discomfort.

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