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Article: Pregnancy Skin

Pregnancy Skin

Pregnancy Skin


"Oh, that glow," they say to you, but you're saying, "I'm a mess, Katt help me." Well, I've got your back!

We all know that pregnancy kicks up a whole bunch of hormones, but one of the main hormones for fetal development, Progesterone, does a number on the skin. Increased Progesterone levels during pregnancy stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce oil like crazy which means excessive oil and acne in about half of all pregnancies. 

As if being pregnant didn't put enough stuff off-limits, it also limits what ingredients are safe to use topically to treat breakouts.

Products you want to make sure you remove from your regime:
Retinoids (Retinol and other Vitamin A products)
Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark
Any exfoliating acids if your skin is at all sensitive
Essential oils
What to do if you do break out while pregnant? First, don't freak out and overdo anything. Small changes can often be far more effective than massive shifts in your routine. 

Don't immediately run to drying lotions, hormone surges may have caused your skin to become more sensitive. Look for calming ingredients that increase hydration to the skin and employ bacteriostatic, soothing, and probiotic skincare to help boost your skin's own ability to fight infection. (Hexam Cleanser, Puran moisturizer

Always (and I mean ALWAYS) wear your SPF. Pregnancy hormones love to cause skin discoloration, particularly melasma (called the pregnancy mask). The best way to avoid unsightly brown patches is to protect against the sun which is a trigger for skin darkening.

Don't forget to ICE! Remember breakouts and dark spots are all inflammatory reactions of the skin. Ice will help calm everything down so your skin can function properly again. Rubbing the area with an ice cube for 15-30 seconds 2x a day to speed healing and decrease the chance for scaring (it tightens tissues too so you will get a little lift in the process).

And remember, if you get to your whits end, email me. I love figuring out solutions to problems. I got your back momma!

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