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Article: Overdone Skincare: Can you do too much?

Overdone Skincare: Can you do too much?

Overdone Skincare: Can you do too much?

Can you use too much?

We all love to luxuriate in great skincare, but is there a point where too much is too much?

100% You can overdo your skincare. I can hear you saying, "too much exfoliating, right?" Where overworked skin commonly happens. Over exfoliating can:

  • Increase the risk of barrier disorders
  • Increased sensitivity 
  • Stimulate overproduction of oils
  • Break capillaries, causing permanent redness. 
  • Increased risk of perioral dermatitis and rosacea

What about over-cleansing? Even if you are using a quality product, what can happen if you are cleansing with a product that is too strong for you or washing too frequently:

  • Skin Barrier disrupted
  • Dehydration and sensitivity
  • Oil glands overproduce, increasing the risk of clogged pores.

Heavy moisturizers can cause havoc too. These include high lipid content moisturizers and occlusives (petroleum jelly et al.), which on the surface seem safe and a good choice if you have done either of the previous "over-cooked" methods:

  • Slows natural ability for the skin to heal
  • Increases the growth of anaerobes, causing blemishes
  • It inhibits the skin from detoxifying

Do you feel like your skin routine might require a minimalist makeover? Please take a photo of your routine and send it to us. We would be so happy to help you streamline your skincare.

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