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Article: Men's Skincare: Special Care for a Man's Face

Men's Skincare: Special Care for a Man's Face

Men's Skincare: Special Care for a Man's Face

Men's Skincare, why do men need special care for their faces? I hear it all the time, "My husband never has any skin problems," and it's true that men's skin is more resilient than that of women because of several reasons:

  • Men's skin is thicker and firmer than women, this is because of increased testosterone giving men more collagen and elastin, making their skin more resistant to aging.
  • Men also have bigger pores due to larger sebaceous glands for producing oil, they also continue to be oily more than 20 years past when women's skin starts to become drier.
  • Men's skin tends to stay more hydrated than women, possibly because of a slightly lower natural pH.
  • Men produce more lactic acid in their sweat which could be the cause of the increased hydration.
  • Of course, there is the facial hair, which for many men can be very problematic because of poor shaving habits or hair growth texture and pattern.
Caring for Men's Skin

In many cases, men can use the same products as women, but it is very important to pay attention to choose products based on his specific skin type. Incorrect product choices coupled with a man's larger pores and ability to overproduce oil can quickly lead to clogged pores and blackheads. Typically men do better in light-weight gel formulas and many prefer a bit of oil control. Moisturizer should be lightly applied daily to protect against pollution and other environmental aggressors.

Special care should be taken with shaving practices because men can be very sensitive around the beard area where redness and bacteria growth can be very common. It is important to have a pre-shave cleansing ritual that softens beard hair and removes excess oil to improve blade glide and help achieve a closer shave. I recommend a mild cleansing gel for this that is low foaming and warm water.

The use of a classic mug and brush isn't just because it looks cool, the bristles help soften the hairs by removing the excess oil and cause the hairs to stand up making them easier to cut. Although more gentle on the skin than shaving foams, the issue with this method is that mug soaps are very high foaming agents and they can really dry out the surface of your skin. The act of shaving removes the stratum corneum along with the hair and with it much of the skins protective barrier.

Post shave, the compromised barrier and the popularity of men's products having a 'manly' smell leads to many common skin issues and is only exacerbated by the use of after-shave (which I recommend replacing entirely with a non-alcohol toner or treating mist to balance the skin's pH). It is because of these reasons, that it especially important to be gentle, respect your skin's pH and moisturize after every time you shave.

The care and treatment of a man's skin follow the same fundamental principals as that of a woman's, with a few exceptions. If you need guidance on what products would best suit your skin, I would be happy to help, as every skin is a bit different and what suits one face may not be the best for your specific needs.

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