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Article: How to remove stage makeup

How to remove stage makeup

How to remove stage makeup

Ok so you painted your kid green and they looked super cute, but now he's green.  

What to do? Many of you know I am a Special Effects Makeup Artist as well, and here are some insider tips:

  1. Halloween and stage makeup is not like regular makeup but do start with your garden variety makeup remover or milk based FACIAL cleanser (no wash cloth).  Apply the remover on dry skin, and start to emulsify the makeup, tissue off with soft cotton. Oil or cleansing milks are important because once the skin is wet it is more penetrable, so best to try to remove some before we get them wet.
  2. Then, wet kid, add cleanser, and gently rub in soft circular motions adding more water as you go.  This makes a bit of a makeup mud on the face but it will rinse pretty nicely.  Now rinse.
  3. If there is still some makeup stuck in the pores or nooks, grab the Olive oil or the butter (yep you read that right) from the kitchen and do the water and 'massage' cleansing again.  Rinse.
  4. Now cleanse with a regular facial cleanser because you HAVE TO get that oily goop off.  Now you are released to use a soft wash cloth on the skin but please no scrubbing.  All this work can be really tough on the skin.
  5. Any glues that have left more residue can be massaged with more olive oil if you forgot to purchase the remover.

If your kid is still in technicolor after this feel free to shoot me an email, I am happy to help so no one has to go back to school looking crazy.



*Careful with stage blood, it stains everything it comes in contact with*

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