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Article: Blackheads vs Sebaceous Fillaments

Blackheads vs Sebaceous Fillaments

Blackheads vs Sebaceous Fillaments

Updated: 2-16-2022

Did you know those little gray dots on your nose, forehead and cheeks aren't blackheads?  I know, it's a shocker because advertisers would love you to believe they were.  They are called sebaceous filaments.  A natural occurring oil (squalene, triglycerides and wax esters) that works as part of our bodies waterproofing to help keep the skin moisturized while protecting you against bacterial and fungal infections.

There is no getting rid of them, not with all of those products. So skip the strip and squeezing them until you're red with broken capillaries and no professional treatment that can get rid of them for good (you will likely see them return within 24 to 72 hours).

If you are super cognizant of your sebaceous filaments, all is not lost there are some great options for home care remediation.   Your best bet is basic exfoliation with an enzyme exfoliant or daily use of AHA/BHA moisturizer.  If you choose to use enzymes (my favorite solution is the Intensive Exfoliating Gel from GM Collin) you need to be using it a  minimum of three times weekly and it is great for all skin types without the risk of dehydrating the skin.  If using a moisturizer everyday is much easier than remembering to use an exfoliating product, I suggest using an AHA/BHA moisturizer like the GM Collin Derm Renewal products.  Both are really great at keeping those pesky dots at bay.

Oh, and what is a blackhead you are still asking?  Blackheads are open comedones that are slightly raised kernel-like yellow plugs with black tops.  When extracted, blackheads are a hard and waxy plug of bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells, and considered a mild form of acne.  Now weren't you glad that's not what you've got?

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