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Article: Allergy Season and Skin

Allergy Season and Skin

Allergy Season and Skin

For skin, seasonal allergies mean a few things that drive most of us nuts like dark circles, puffy eyes red noses and sensitive skin.  Many of us notice that our skin looks dull and yellowish when our allergies trigger, and you're not crazy; this does happen!  The yellowish hue is because blood serums leak into the skin because of the inflammation in the body as it tries to protect itself.

What to do

The first thing to do is stay consistent with your allergy meds whatever that may be. Going on and off your meds not only messes with your body internally, but it will show up on your skin too. I add in a saline nasal rinse from Ocean that my Allergist recommended.  It sounds awful but the difference it has made is incredible, and it's better than sniffing all day.

Secondly, whenever Medicine is involved, increase your water intake because all of these meds and the inflammation due to allergies dehydrate your body and thus your skin.  The increased water intake will help lower sensitivities and redness, although not overnight.

Tricks to help treat the Skin Symptoms

Puffy, watery eyes are the telltale sign of seasonal eye allergies.  The Puff is due to edema (an excess of watery fluid collecting in the tissues), and it's hard to beat.  One simple trick is to sleep with extra pillows under your head at night.  Raising your head as you sleep helps stop fluids from pooling around the eyes and you wake up looking more refreshed.

In the morning, a cool wash rag for 2-3 minutes in the morning does wonders to bring down the puff. *If your eyes are more watery than puffy, warm that washcloth up a bit to a lukewarm.* Then I apply the Nuveese Eye Roller for Tired Puffy Eyes before eye cream (I like the Bota Peptide Eye Contour from GM Collin).

For tender noses apply a thin layer of GM Collin's Nutrivital to help protect the skin from the elements without the risk of clogging your pores.  If you let your nose get so bad that the skin is splitting, give your skin a rest from Makeup for a few days, so it has a chance to heal.

When your skin is compromised (red and flakey) take it easy on using strongly fragranced products and keratolytic's (products that cause the outer layer of skin to loosen and shed).  Compromised skin can develop sensitivities to ingredients when it is in this state, so it is best to be gentle and nourish it until you are past your allergy season.

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